Do you seem as a good idea to dedicate your spare time to fans or to share it with other HWP users? In addition, you can earn extra money. Create HIT, all interested HWP users have the opportunity to participate in the auction, and the only winner chosen by you will be able to spend time with you.

HWP service is dedicated to all of you who cultivate love for sports as a part of your lifestyle. Therefore, it is designed to connect you in a simple and easy way with all sports devotees around the globe: pro athletes with amateurs, as well as those who play it for amusement, and with coaches.

We offer you the possibility to search for what you need, to meet new friends and compatible rivals, and trainers who will be motivating and inspiring for you. Every athlete with the assistance of HWP can schedule matches or training sessions, and make appointments with coaches, entering an auction and setting the price he is willing to pay for this.