rafael-nadals-shocking WHAT was supposed to be Rafael Nadal’s comeback grand slam ended with a shock on Friday afternoon in Paris when, in a hastily organised, stunning press conference, the nine-time tournament champion announced he had a serious wrist injury that would force him to withdraw from the 2016 French Open.

A resigned Nadal, wearing a blue brace on his left wrist — the one he uses to hit his wicked, topspin forehand — told the assembled press he’s been suffering a wrist injury since the clay-court tournament in Madrid earlier this month. He said the pain got worse every day he was in Paris and on Thursday, in his easy straight-set win, he only got on the court after receiving an anaesthetic shot. By Friday, the pain was so bad Nadal couldn’t even practice.

“The real thing is that it’s not 100%, but it’s not broken,” Nadal said. “But if I keep on playing, it’s gonna be broken.”